Month: March 2012

Spring Break!

I am totally enjoying Spring Break this week! I decided to take a break this weekend, and I felt as if I was going through withdrawals, especially since I wasn’t blog stalking like I normally do! On Friday my kiddos and I ended our St. Patrick’s Day activities with a

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Let the countdown begin!

It’s official, one more day until Spring Break! I’m so excited it’s ridiculous! I’m trying really to hard to not fill my calendar up too much, without leaving any time for myself. Well, we learned at the last minute that we had a program to attend this afternoon, and all

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Almost There Wednesday!

Three days down, two more to go until Spring Break! I came into the classroom this morning, and they had took the big ole brown air conditioner out (which was louder than a freight train) and put a nice, new one in with a remote. It is digital, and I

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Where did the weekend go?

My goodness, I was just so happy that it was Friday, and weekend just flew by! Well, that’s how it goes I guess. I’ve been gathering all of my St. Patty’s Day items and activities together, and I’m so excited. Not to mention getting ready for the walk-through on Tuesday

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Friday, how I’ve missed you…..

Well, it seems Friday came after all, even though it took its dear sweet time to get here! I remembered my camera today, but apparently I didn’t take as many pictures as I thought! That’s alright, I’ll share with you what I have. We read There was an Old Lady

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Whew! What a full day!

I know it’s been a bit since I’ve posted, but I’ve been so busy! I had a Interactive Whitebaord Level 3 PD day yesterday, and I’m glad to say that I learned a lot. The first two days, in December and January, I learned nothing at all and that made

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