Month: April 2012

Can we say busy?

Hey guys!! It’s been such a great weekend, but extremely busy as well! My best friend is getting married in May, and her bridal shower was yesterday. It was fun, the food was great, but I was totally exhausted! Anywhoo, since we were beginning our Oceans unit this week, I

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Friday and a freebie!!

Hey guys! I have totally enjoyed being off today, and I have been so busy!! Of course I couldn’t sleep late, you know that internal clock thing.  I’m so excited to start my Oceans unit next week, and I know that my kids will be excited as well. Apparently I

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Transportation and the end of insects!!!

This week we began a new unit in reading, and the theme is transportation. For their theme launch project, my kiddos had to create their favorite mode of transportation, and share it with the class. Here are a few, they were so excited to show it off!   I loved

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Tests, Test, Tests!!!

Ahhhh…….it’s Tuesday, and I just remembered that we are off on Friday!! Yay!!! We have had a full week! It seems like there isn’t enough time to get everything in! It’s weird, because now we start earlier! So, I sat down and calculated our instructional time, since we have moved

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