Year: 2019

Using Wordless Books in a Primary Classroom

Books, books and more books! For every topic that you want to learn about, you can find a book on it. I love to introduce and review concepts with any books that I can get my hands on! Every year when I introduced new books into our day, I never

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Fine Motor Skills for Kindergarten

6 of the Best Fine Motor Activities Part 2

Fine motor activities seem to only be thought of at the beginning of the year, but it is something that students need practice with all year long! It doesn’t take up a lot of extra time, just a few materials and they are ready to go! Awhile ago we discussed

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Letter Recognition

An Introduction to the Alphabet

One of my fave subjects to teach is reading. I absolutely love our morning literacy time. When I plan my year of phonics instruction out, there are basically three parts that it includes. There is some sort of letter introduction at the beginning of the year, where I introduce every

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Literacy PD Books

5 of the Best Literacy PD Books

If you have been in education any length of time, you know how education trends change in no time at all. Just like doctors need to be current on new procedures and surgeries and accountants have to be current on tax laws, educators must stay on top of what is

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Technology for Kindergarten

6 of the Best Tech Activities for Kindergarten

Looking to seamlessly integrate technology into your centers, but don’t know where to begin? You’ve come to the right place! There is so much tech that is available for little learners, but not all of it lends itself to a great starting point. This post is all about how I

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Play in the primary classroom

Play in the Primary Classroom

Play has always seemed synonymous with children, because it’s what they do. When students come to school now, it seems as if the decision makers want to limit the amount of playing that goes on in primary classrooms. It is also relegated to the outskirts of the day, where children

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