Bright Ideas: Organizing All Of That Stuff!

Hey guys and dolls, how’s it going on a Saturday morning?
It’s been a crazy week, and I had a ton of fun, but I must say,
I’m so very glad that it’s the weekend!
I’m back with the…

Today, I want to talk about organization!
After moving back into our school after a two-year absence,
and we all got shuffled around to new classrooms.
My current room is in the original kindergarten wing, and you guessed it,
it has the smallest classrooms in the school!!
I’ve been trying to find a way to keep up with my growing stack of centers 
and materials, but it’s a mess!!  These are the size of all of the cabinets under the counter…
… let me show you the inside!!

Yup, I told you, it’s a mess!!
A few years ago, I came up with the bright idea (or not so bright idea)
to put everything in these humongous ziplock bags, since the bags would be
large enough to hold the center materials, including the recording sheets. 
Go ahead, keep scrolling so you can get a good laugh!

Um-hmmmm…..I hear you laughing…..keep scrolling…
I even tried to label them.

I’m sure that you can only imagine how things can get ‘lost’ in a bag that big!
I’m in the process of trying to convert to using what I call back to school crates,
and hanging file folders, etc.
The picture below is my playing around with it, to see how I liked it.

I think that instead of having individual activities,
I’m going to have months. 
For example, I’m going to have October through December in one crate,
and have about 3-4 folders for each month.
This way, I can fit every center and recording sheet inside!!
If there is enough room, I may even begin to pull different materials
such as thematic books to place in the file as well.
Can you imagine how easy this would make my life?
Now I’ve got to go ahead and get started on my January – March crate,
so I can be organized!
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