Organization……Help Me!!!

Hey guys, how’s it going!!
Can I get a whoo-whoo!!!
Two posts in two days, I’m on a roll!!
Ok, today’s linky is all about organization……
…….I wish I could say I had a handle on it.
If you walked into my classroom, on the surface it truly LOOKS
as if I do!! Ahem…..the truth is….I could use some help!!
I wish I could show you a pic of this…but for my weekly papers,
I have stackable trays for everyday of the week, that is truly a big help!!
Luckily before I left 1st grade, I have organized my books, and the majority of them 
are actually leveled, with a label and that has my name, and the guided reading level.
For Kindergarten, I just stick to themes and levels a, b, and c. 
Now these babies have come in really handy, I absolutely love the dollar spot at Target!!! 
The possibilities are endless!!!!

And of course, everyone’s Pinterest project!! I can’t tell you how helpful this has been!!!
I don’t have to fumble around for everything!!
Now……onto my Resolutions for organization!!!
Now before you look at the next picture, I want you to zoom in on that bookcase behind my intervention table. 
Now this is a pic before school started. In this picture, it has copies, and their agendas and such on it.
I wish you could see it now…..or maybe not…..
It it piled with books, small group activities for reading and math,
extra copies, homework, decodable readers, you name it, it’s on there!!
I have got to get that thing cleared off!!!! 
My goal is to clean it off, and then put meaningful things on it,
which will hopefully leave less room for clutter!!!
Another resolution that I have is to put even more time into my writer’s workshop.
I’ve done a really great job, I’m particularly proud of myself, but after January, it’s time to dig in!!
I saw this awesome idea on my friend Erica’s blog, Sprinkles to Kindergarten
I have this exact organization trays, and when I moved to kindergarten, I didn’t have any idea 
of what I should do with them. They’ve been collecting dust. Shhhhh….
Well, voila!!!! Here you have it!!!!  It has different types of writing paper, 
that is perfect for every student at whatever level of writing they are currently at. 
I’m definitely doing this on that first day back!!!!! Isn’t it a great idea?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Click on the picture for more information about how 
Erica does writer’s workshop!!!!
What are you waiting for?
Go ahead and link up, or just take a peek to get some great ideas!!!
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