100th Day of School Fun

Hey guys and dolls, how’s it going?
January has been passing by fairly quickly,
and I think I am just now able to breathe!!
We have been doing a lot of things, and this week we 
celebrated the 100th day of school!!
Sooooo….I made a banner for our door
(note to self, make sure that the top part goes below
the ribbon curtain that I have!).
We made these awesome hats and badges from my friend
LaToya over at Flying into First Grade!
Oh, by the way, some of us are still working on our coloring!
These items and more are in her great 100th Day pack!
Next, we made 100 using beads.
This sheet comes from my buddy Jennifer over at First Grade Blue Skies

This was also their first time using glue bottles, and let me tell you,
they were so excited!

Hard working going on here!

Our next activity consisted of painting!!! I was a little nervous because
they’ve only painted during art class, and I’ve never had to oversee it!
I ran across a pin on Pinterest that lead me to several blogs that had done this 
idea as well!
I thought that the 100 gumballs for the 100th day would be perfect for
our classroom, because it would go great with our circus theme!
Since my students are in groups, I kept it really simple and I put a paper plate 
in the middle for them to share.
I put four good globs of paint on each plate. 
Each student received two Q-Tips, one for each of the four colors. 
We did 25 dots of each color.


Next, we counted 100 Fruit loops to make our Fruit Loop necklaces, and of course
we ran out of time! Boo!!
I had so many other activities planned, too many, that I didn’t get to!! 
I wanted to make the cool banner from Jennifer’s pack,
and I also printed off some more from LaToya’s pack,
but we actually had a warm day, so we went to recess outside for the first time
in a loooong time.
And then there’s the usual things like lunch and specials!!
Hmmmm……maybe I need to start the day before next year!
At the end of the day, I gave my kiddos these certificates,
also from LaToya’s pack.
I also gave them these easy to make little treats!
Just tape a smartie to this paper and you are good to go!
You can get the label here!

What did your class do for your 100th day?
Celebrating the 100th day of school is great day for students!! This FREEBIE smarty label is a great end to the celebration!

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