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4 Fun Read Alouds for May

It’s time for read alouds for May! For many schools, May is considered to be the home stretch. You can almost see the finish line, although the kids are acting as if we have passed the finish line and school is done! No worries, you can keep them engaged by

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March read alouds for Kindergarten

4 Fun Read Alouds for March

It’s time to talk about read alouds for March! This month is when the world seems to come alive after the long slumber of winter. The days start to get longer, and there’s something about the coming days that make you want to get out of the house! It’s also

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December Read Alouds for Kindergarten

  There is something so magical about the month of December. The air is electric and you feel as if  anything is possible! The little ones are antsy, so I decided long ago to give in to it all and make December as fun as possible. This means that we

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Building letter recognition

5 Quick Ways to Develop Letter Recognition

When you say letter recognition, it’s almost synonymous with saying kindergarten! It is one of the pillars of literacy in the primary grades, along with phonological awareness. As this is something that we tend to cover the entire year, it’s always great to take a look at your practice and

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Developing Print Awareness Through Writing

There are many recipes in developing print awareness, but they all pretty much contain the same ingredients. We can help students to develop print awareness through reading, but we can also work on it during writing. Just as reading activities are crucial components of an effective literacy program, writing plays

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Concepts of Print

Print awareness is an important component of a child’s journey on the literacy train. We know that the stronger their print awareness skills are, the higher their chance of success in reading. When students enter our classroom, we must be intentional in developing this print awareness. We can definitely do

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Developing Print Awareness Through Reading

There are many predictors of reading success for the littlest of learners. Print awareness is definitely on that list. What students are taught is important, but perhaps even more crucial is how they are taught. As educators, it is our job to ensure that they learn most effectively. To develop

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Predictors of Reading Success

Research has shown time and time again that students must have exposure to repeated positive literacy experiences in order to be successful. There are many things that factor into the reading success of little ones, such as print awareness. They all come to school with their unique backgrounds and it is

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