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Prewriting for Primary Students

Many educators downplay the importance of prewriting, but I believe that it is essential, especially in the primary grades. Prewriting is important because it helps students to think about what they know and organize their thoughts so that they can better express themselves in writing. This is especially important in

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The Importance of Pre-Writing

3 Reasons Why Prewriting is Important

Crafting a written piece of work can be daunting, but prewriting is an essential tool to kickstart the process. Not only does it help young writers consider and organize their ideas, but by providing them with a structure for expression, they can more effectively communicate themselves in writing. Although this

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The 1st Day of Writing Workshop

Teaching writing in the primary grades can be extremely tough. We’re asking students to engage in a writing workshop before they can really write, BUT, we have to start somewhere. I always say the best place to start is by getting your room ready for a writing workshop before you

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Setting Up Your Classroom for Writing

Writing instruction can and should begin in kindergarten. Starting a writers’ workshop in kindergarten can be scary if you’re not sure where to begin! Before launching a writing workshop, make sure that you set your class up to promote writing! Read on or press play for a few tips on

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3 Things I Did Wrong in Writer’s Workshop

Writer’s workshop was a weird time for me at the beginning of my educational career. Writing has always been something that I can do, but not something that I like to do. Once I received an A- on a paper and my professor told me that with some effort, I

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Developing Print Awareness Through Writing

There are many recipes in developing print awareness, but they all pretty much contain the same ingredients. We can help students to develop print awareness through reading, but we can also work on it during writing. Just as reading activities are crucial components of an effective literacy program, writing plays

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Publishing Student Writing in the Primary Classroom

This post is sponsored by Studentreasures. Your class has FINALLY reached the end of your writing unit, and now it’s time for final drafts to be completed and published! It’s so important for young writers to be able to share their work with someone other than their teacher or their

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