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Concepts of Print

Print awareness is an important component of a child’s journey on the literacy train. We know that the stronger their print awareness skills are, the higher their chance of success in reading. When students enter our classroom, we must be intentional in developing this print awareness. We can definitely do

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Print Awareness – Early Literacy Series

Welcome to the beginning of a series focused on early literacy! We’re going to kick this off by discussing print awareness. Research shows that students will have a higher chance of being successful in reading when they have strong print awareness skills. Throughout the school day, teachers must be intentional

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Play in the primary classroom

Play in the Primary Classroom

  Play has always seemed synonymous with children because it’s what they do. When students come to school now, it seems as if the decision-makers want to limit the amount of playing that goes on in primary classrooms. It is also relegated to the outskirts of the day, where children

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Building Number Sense

The Building Blocks of Number Sense

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about math in my classroom. More specifically, how it’s going, what our math routines are, and how they can be improved. As teachers, we spend a lot of time reflecting on our teaching practice, so today I want to share with you some

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Story task cards

Story Task Cards for Read Alouds

Hey guys and dolls, today I’m here to quickly chat with you about questioning your students in the classroom, especially during read aloud time. I know how chopped up our school day can get, and sometimes we just need a quick routine to make the most of our day. Sometimes

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Christmas Freebies for the Primary Classroom

Hey guys and dolls, how’s it going? Today I want to share with you some awesome freebies that I have for you, some are oldies but goodies, and some are brand spankin’ new!  First up we have a quick and easy center for ending sounds.  It can be used in

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Back to School Freebies & More!

Hey guys and dolls, how’s it going? This past Thursday, our kiddos came to school. And I think during the week I took on too much!! You know how you can be stressed out and you don’t even realize it? For two days straight I had a serious headache, the

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The Stress of Dismissal on the 1st Day

Hey guys and dolls, how’s it going? Well, here we are, T-minus 1 week until it’s time to return to school!! Y’all know…..the first day of school is cuh-razy!!!!!!! It’s so hectic, we have an unofficial motto: Get ’em here, Get ’em fed, Get ’em home!! Today I want to

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