Back to Work I Go!!

Hey everyone!!! I’ve been away the past few days, tirelessly looking through TPT for awesome packs to add to my shopping cart!! 
Well, today was the first official day back for teachers!! The alarm clock really rung early this morning, I still wasn’t prepared for it!! I worked on some projects over the weekend, and I was so excited to get to my classroom this morning!!

Here’s an update on my classroom so far:
I’ve gotten some of my back to school books out, and of course this isn’t all of them! The rest of them are behind that brown stand you see in a basket! I like to call these my first day of school books, well, the ones I’ll choose from anyways!!

Here’s a close-up of my shower curtain hooks (I don’t know why I thought you needed to see it, except for the fact that it’s very, very cool!!). They’re from Target, by the way. 
I’ve always done some kind of a compliment system for my classroom. I’ve done the chain link thing, (which worked better in 1st grade).  Last year I did stars on the side of my desk, and when they had earned 10 stars they got to have a compliment party. After the tornado I lost some stars (and was too lazy to create some more, lol), so I’m changing it up this year. 
I found the cutest idea on Pinterest, and I modeled mine after this teachers compliment label (with a few changes, of course!).
Now I’ve just got to find some cute colored clothespins, and I can’t seem to find any!! 
This is how it turned out, though I’m not too sure about it. Oh well, it’s definitely here to stay!!

I also changed my signs for pencils. I’ve always had them in tall red cups, with a sign for sharpened pencils, and those that need to be sharpened. So, I found another cute sign, via Pinterest, of course! I tried to find the link on Pinterest to share with you guys, but of course I can’t seem to find it just now! (I think that means that I have too many pins!!) However, I know it’s there on one of my boards, I promise!! 
I also re-vamped my behavior system. I still use the same colors, but my kiddos will use clothespins this time. Normally, I have these cute polka dot library pockets, and they begin each day on green. If they get into trouble, then have to put sticks in their pockets. They go from green, to yellow, to orange, and then to red. I also have purple for children who have excellent behavior and have been leaders in the class. Same idea, different method. 
This year I decided to go with purple being a leader, since we are in The Leader in Me process. I’m really excited about using The 7 Habits of Happy Kids in my classroom!!!

I’m so sorry y’all, I know this was a long post, and it had tons of pictures!! Thanks for staying until the end!!
Talk to you later!

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