Building Number Sense

Hey, hey everyone!! How’s it going?!?!?!?
As primary teachers, we know all about building number sense and number recognition! 
It can be like pulling teeth!!
For this quarter, we are working on numbers 0-5, writing them, recognizing them, and counting objects. 
I think I have run it into the ground!!
But I’m pleased to say, that 95% of my kiddos did pretty well on the math quarterly assessment, as far as being able to count objects, recognizing numbers, and so forth.
However…..for the other 5%, we’ve got to work on number recognition and counting.
 So, I created a simple roll & cover.
For my kiddos who are working on number recognition, I give the a die that has the numbers written on it.
It’s really simple for them to match the numbers.
For students who may need more practice with counting, I give them a die that has dots, so they can get used to that 1:1 correspondence that I need for them to have!!!!
Oh, I also included a roll and color version, for independent use. 
Click on the picture to grab your copy!
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