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Print Awareness – Early Literacy Series

Welcome to the beginning of a series focused on early literacy! We’re going to kick this off by discussing print awareness. Research shows that students will have a higher chance of being successful in reading when they have strong print awareness skills. Throughout the school day, teachers must be intentional

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Letter Recognition

An Introduction to the Alphabet

One of my fave subjects to teach is reading. I absolutely love our morning literacy time. When I plan my year of phonics instruction out, there are basically three parts that it includes. There is some sort of letter introduction at the beginning of the year, where I introduce every

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Literacy PD Books

5 of the Best Literacy PD Books

If you have been in education any length of time, you know how education trends change in no time at all. Just like doctors need to be current on new procedures and surgeries and accountants have to be current on tax laws, educators must stay on top of what is

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Story task cards

Story Task Cards for Read Alouds

Hey guys and dolls, today I’m here to quickly chat with you about questioning your students in the classroom, especially during read aloud time. I know how chopped up our school day can get, and sometimes we just need a quick routine to make the most of our day. Sometimes

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