Helpful Freebies for BTS!

Hey guys and dolls, how’s it going?
Back to School time came around very quickly,
and in my district, students have been in class for 3 days already!!
One thing that I am planning to do this week is an initial assessment
so I can see where all of my babies are academically!
I will be using this assessment!

You can find this as a freebie here!!
It also includes a version without the letter sounds assessment. 
We will also get right to work on letters and sounds, and I use
this handy chart! 
I put it in their fluency folders, I put a copy in their take-home
binder, and I use it for intervention.
For the next few months, we will do this as a part of our daily routine!
You can find it in my TPT store here
Last, but certainly not least, is a simple recording sheet that I use for quite a few
months, and for some students, I use all year. 
Now, we all know that in Kindergarten, 
assessing letters can be an all-year thing!
I copy it front and back, and I use it as I assess them.
It has a date and percentage box at the bottom, which is great 
for conferences, and for referring them for intervention, etc. 
Tomorrow is the big day, I’ll be showing you guys my classroom!!
I’m so in love with it, lol!!!
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