January Math Centers

Hey guys and dolls, how’s it going?
I am so looking forward to Christmas!! 
I want to fully enjoy it with my family,
so I worked hard to get these January Math Centers finished!
Check it out!
One of the first centers deals with counting on.
Counting on is a great way to prepare for addition!
Each center also includes a wide range of numbers and quantities,
which is great for differentiation.
A different version of counting on, larger numbers included.

How many more to make 10!

3-D shapes!

3-D shapes, including a few real-world examples….

Flat vs. solid is some of the content that is on our math assessment, 
so we definitely have to practice that!

Counting and connecting numerals to scattered arrangements 
of up to 10, and a rectangular array of up to 20.

1 more and 1 less….

Comparing numbers, determining which number
is greater or less. 

Practicing numbers 0-15, and subtilizing.

Click here to learn more about it!
Talk to you guys later!
January Math Centers are great for kindergarten students to practice their numeracy skills!

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