October Math Centers for the Primary Classroom

Hey guys and dolls, how’s it going?
It’s October, and that means all things fall and pumpkin!!!
I feel like I have my sea legs back under me, 
and I’m ready to rock and roll!!!
I’m just popping in really quick because I completed
October Math Centers for the Primary Classroom!!
This month’s math centers focuses on a lot of counting, 
1:1 correspondence, number recognition and subitizing,
which is a lot of what my kiddos need right now.
We’re building the foundation of number sense, 
 and trying to build it as strong as possible!
Leave a comment below and I’ll pick a few winners 

to receive this month’s math centers!

Congratulations Kay & Jennifer Larkin, 

check your email!

October math centers focuses on a lot of counting, 1:1 correspondence, number recognition and subtilizing, to help develop those early numeracy skills, in addition to counting and cardinality.

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