Our 100th Day Celebrations!

Well, I know that I’m a week late, but here are our 100 day of school celebrations! We couldn’t do all that I had planned, especially since moving to a new school site, but we were able to do a little. Everything that we did came from Deanna Jump’s and Erica Bohrer’s 100th day activity , which can be found in their TPT stores!

The one below is my favorite, I think it is hilarious!

I’m pretty sure that the one below said Apple iPod, but she just said iPod when I asked her about it, lol.

I have been working on so many things, I have a lot of ideas up my sleeve, it just seems like I never have any time to bring any of it together! Hopefully work will begin to come together, so we can get into some kind of routine, this is my desperate hope! So, that means I’ve got to get started! Talk to you guys later!
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