Place Value & Addition

Hey guys, how’s it going?
In addition to all of the fun themed stuff that we’ve been doing,
we do like to include math!!!!
We’ve been working really hard at place value, addition and decomposing numbers. 
We have this program called
 What’s My Place? What’s My Value? (WMP?WMV? for short…….no, really, I’m serious!)
These are the pieces of it. I like to jumble it all around, and tell my kiddos that
while we were sleeping (out to lunch, at P.E., etc.), they all went out
and had a party! Now, it’s our job to help them to get back home!!
I also have this part right beside the board. The first picture is the top half, 
and the second picture is the bottom half. 

I let the kids put each section in the right place, and they have to prove
how they know they are right. 
We then complete the board together. 
At this point in the year, they are getting pretty good at it.
I modify the board part throughout the year sometimes. 
I recently put the expanded form section, but we talk about 
decomposing numbers, and sometimes it might say +1 or -1, before or after, etc. 
Really, it’s whatever you need to work on!
This is what it looks like when it is completed!

We have also been working on addition, number bonds, making numbers til our brains and 
fingers are numb!!! I came across a great freebie by Rowdy in Room 300, and let me tell you,
it has been a great help to me!! My students love to do this!
Alright guys, let me ask you a question….do you still have kiddos that just seem
to have a difficult time with math, I mean as far as understanding number & quantity relationships,
connecting counting to cardinality, etc.
I’m just about to pull my hair out!!
I created these fun, and free (who doesn’t love free) little math cards, to go with our farm week.
I created them for numbers 1-20. 
Grab your copy by clicking on the picture below!

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