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Phonics Sound Mazes are a type of maze that focuses on helping students identify the target sounds of a taught phonics pattern. These fun sound mazes are an excellent way to keep your students engaged and practicing their phonics skills!

Each maze features a different sound, encouraging students to identify and recognize the target phoneme as they practice planning their route through the maze.

How can I use this in my classroom?

These Sound Mazes are a fun and engaging way for students to apply the skills they are learning in a pressure-free environment. These mazes can be used in a literacy center or as part of a whole-class lesson. Go ahead and grab yours today!

What will I get today?

-Alphabet Sound Mazes (initial sounds)

-Short Vowel Sound Mazes (medial sounds)

-Blends Sound Mazes (beginning l-blends, r-blends, s-blends)

-Digraphs Sound Mazes (beginning digraphs)

If you’re looking for a great way to engage your students in phonics, then a Phonemic Sound Maze is the perfect solution!

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