Working with Numbers

Hey guys and dolls, how’s it going?
Last week was such a busy week, with it being
Dr. Seuss week, not to mention all of the report card
testing we have to do!!

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I enjoyed the last one so much, that I couldn’t wait to be able to participate again!!
Today I’m talking about working with numbers. 
I especially use this when I’m working with the teen numbers. 
Teaching place value to kindergarteners can be hard,
and having visuals are oh so important!!
The best way to do this is a Number focus wall!
At my school, we use something called What’s My Place?/What’s My Value?,
WMP?/WMV? for short (seriously). 
Anywho, it doesn’t matter what you use, but I have found that whatever you use,
it’s better if it’s something that the kids can manipulate, so it
is easier if you just put some velcro on the back of it, 
(velcro makes everything better, but the way), and get some felt to stick it to, 
and you’re good to go!  
Now, I’ve hot-glued my felt to my board (shhhhh…..), but I’ve also used a tri-fold board in the past. 
Sometimes, I like to start it off by shuffling everything up!
I tell them that when we went home for the night, or PE etc.,
everyone went and had a party and they can’t find they’re way back home!!
And then, I tell them that it’s our job to help them to find their way!
So, we go through the steps of putting it back together,

and then here comes the fun part. 
I like to call this our number focus wall. 
By using this layout, we’re able to review place value,
ten frames, tally marks, decomposing the number and even/odd.

Here is a look at some of the earlier versions of this wall.
It basically changes depending upon what type of skill we are working on. 

I love this because it covers the necessary academic conent,
and it’s totally easy to create and use!
 Next year I’m sure that it’ll look totally different, I want to change
draw it to sketch it, and I want to change expanded form to decomposing numbers,
or something like that!  I also want to add a space for 1 more, 1 less!!
The possibilities are endless!
Hop on over and visit Ashley at Primary Teacherhood for more bright ideas!!!
Click on the picture below!

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