4 Fun Read Alouds for February

4 fun read alouds for the month of February

February is the month when it seems like everything is happening all at once! It’s a fun month with a lot of different topics to cover. We have Groundhog’s Day, Black History Month, Valentine’s Day, Dental Health Week and so much more! Sometimes it’s hard to fit them all in, we have to pick and choose! Read on for some of my favorite read alouds for the month of February, along with a few activities that you can do as well!

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1. The Biggest Valentine Ever

In The Biggest Valentine Ever, the main characters in this story are Desmond and Clayton, and they actually are in a series of books. They have quickly become a few of my fave! In this story, they are tasked by their teacher to make cards for Valentine’s Day. They have a disagreement on what it should look like, and decide to create their cards separately. After giving it a go on their own, and a little encouragement from family members, they realize that they would work better together. This resource is great for character connections and discussing problem/solution.

2. The Quickest Kid in Clarksville

I absolutely love this story! The Quickest Kid in Clarksville shares an inspirational story all about perseverance. Little Alta wants to run just like her favorite public figure, Wilma Rudolph. Along with a few of her friends, she meets the new girl in town, Charmaine. After having a race to determine who’s the best, they decide to work together and run for Wilma’s upcoming parade! It’s a great story about how although differences can tear us apart, we don’t have to let them.

3. Bear’s Loose Tooth

Bear is another character of mine that I love to read about. He is large and in charge, but he’s definitely a softie at heart. In Bear’s Loose Tooth, Bear begins to eat his lunch, he realizes that he has a loose tooth. He gets worried, but his friends come to his rescue! This is a great story for making text-to-self connections!

4. Have Fun Molly Lou Melon

Molly Lou Melon is an itty bitty child who uses her imagination to have tons of fun in this story. Even though she has a lot of toys, her grandmother tells her that when she was a kid, she didn’t have toys to play with. So, she created them. Molly sets out to do the same things. With this read-aloud and book companion, students will be able to make connections and discuss fiction vs. non-fiction!

These read alouds for February are perfect for leaving the coldness of January behind! The Literacy Diner is all about helping to create engaged learners through book companions! Lesson plans are done for you, and response sheets and crafts are available as well. Head on over to check them out! You can find the books here, and the read alouds for February right here!

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