Back in the Saddle!!

Hey y’all!!
How’s it going?
Well, it’s that time again!!!!!
We had a teacher workday today, and I still feel like 
I didn’t get that much accomplished!!
I’m sure you know how that feels!!
I realized that I had forgotten to share some great news with you guys, that’s how busy it’s been.
Most of you know that we’re not at our home school due to a tornado,
but our host school was kind enough to let us use their sign!!
They’re so sweet!!!
I was so surprised and honored when I learned that they had really chosen me!!!!
Well, our kiddos come back tomorrow, and I know that we’re going to have to do a lot
of modeling, practicing, and repetition!!!
So, I brought back this freebie, and I might not even have 

to use it because I know that they all practiced over the break because I know some of my kiddos will
need to practice letter sounds!! 
I also updated it to include a black and white copy, because I know I’m low on color ink!!
Click on the picture for your copy!!!
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