Back to School Freebies & More!

Hey guys and dolls, how’s it going?
This past Thursday, our kiddos came to school.

And I think during the week I took on too much!!

You know how you can be stressed out and you don’t even realize it?

For two days straight I had a serious headache, the worst I’ve ever had.

I went home and slept until it was time for bed, and then I got under

the covers and slept some more, lol!!

Sometimes it’s ok to give your body and brain some rest,

because it will let you know by shutting down!!

I’m here to talk about an awesome place to get teacher t-shirts,

(more on that later!),  and I’m also

here to share some freebies to help you get the year started off right!

Click on any of the pictures for your freebie! Here we go!

I use these charts all of the time in my classroom!!! I use them for small group,

I put them in their take-home binders, fluency folders, etc.

You name it, I’ve done it!

This freebie includes Phonics Chant Charts, and an Alphabet Sound Chart.
Black and white versions are included as well.
Next up is the baseline assessment that we use. 
There is also a version that includes letter sounds if you wish to assess it.

Some people have said that this pre-assessment for kindergarten is too easy…
….lucky you if it is, but this is hard for the kinders that come into my classroom. 
The student pages are below. 

After I assess the students, I like to keep up with their letter recognition by using these sheets. 

Ok, last freebie!!!!   Roll & Record!!!!
Ok, this freebie focuses on capital letters, and included two recording sheets per cube: 
one where they trace the letters, and one where they write it. 

Last but certainly not least, if you’re looking for a cool place 
to get teacher shirts, and you’re not sure where to go, 
then make sure that you check out A+ Images!
They do awesome t-shirts, and you can even upload your own design! 
Check out the one that they did for me!

I also picked up a shirt from their booth in Vegas….isn’t it just the cutest? 
Go on and check them out!
I hope you’re having a great start to your year, and if you’re not back in school yet,
well boo-boo to you, lol!!!!
Talk to you later!
This ABC Phonics Chart and Alphabet Sound Chart are great for students who are learning about the sounds that each letter makes. This can be used as a whole class review, intervention activity, and can also be sent home for additional practice!

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