Handwriting and Math Centers for August!

Hey guys and dolls, how’s it going?
I have good news, and bad news….
….which do you want first?
Ok, I’ll give you the bad news!!!
Alright….this is it……tomorrow is D-Day…
….I already have the alarm clock on……..lunch is packed…..
….tomorrow is the day that summer officially ends
for teachers in my district.
Oh well, on to the good news!
I got around to completing some packs!
More likely than not, my kiddos always need handwriting practice!
I wanted something that could be easy to do, and easy to prep!
Besides the cover page, there are three pages for students to practice letter formation.
They will trace and write the capital letter.
Trace and write the lowercase letter.
On the last page they will write the capital and lowercase letter.
Click on any of the pictures to view it in my store!
Next up, math centers!
I really want to rev up my math centers this year…
There are 8 centers included, focusing on beginning math skills,
such as number recognition and writing, colors, shapes and more!
Click on the pictures to view it in my store!
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