Creepy Bats & Spiders

Hey guys and dolls, how’s it going?
I know October is over, and I’m late to the party, lol,
but tonight I’m going to share about our activities for the past few weeks,
so it’ll be quick, I promise, like ripping off a band-aid!!!
A few weeks ago we learned all about spiders, so we labeled our little friend….
And then we took a quick survey…….if you would like, click on the picture below.
Here is our completed schema chart….

…then we graphed the results of our survey….

There were some more things that I wanted to do, but I ended up
catching the crud and it was all that I could do to get to reading,writing and math!
Last week, was one of my favorites, bat week!!
Here is our schema chart, pardon the picture, it looks like the post-it notes are blank!!
But they’re not, I promise!!!!

We labeled a bat…….

…and then came my favorite part, our non-fiction books. 
This is one of the times where I wanted to have a complete research week,
and let me tell you, it was a hit!!
This awesome book came from Deanna Jump’s bat unit.

They really enjoyed it!!!

These awesome bats are from A Cupcake From the Teacher,
and they’re free!!!

Here’s a panoramic view for you!!

Talk to you guys later!!

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