Let the countdown begin!

It’s official, one more day until Spring Break! I’m so excited it’s ridiculous! I’m trying really to hard to not fill my calendar up too much, without leaving any time for myself.

Well, we learned at the last minute that we had a program to attend this afternoon, and all I could think about was our skittles graphing that I had promised my kiddos we were going to do as part of our St. Patrick’s Day Celebration. I was determined to get it in, and I did! It was totally awesome, because I feel that this was the first time that ALL of my children really enjoyed it AND learned something. Now, they have always enjoyed the candy part, but some of my students who still struggle with math, have not enjoyed analyzing the graph at all. I felt as if today they were all excited and ready to complete the analysis page. It gave me a little tingle inside!

The picture below shows the graph of a lower student, who still struggles with writing numbers, and she was so excited, her face was brighter than the sun, because she could actually do what everyone else was doing!

Earlier today, we also learned more about the clover, and read our reader, the Lucky Leprechaun, written by me! My kiddos were amazed, one asked, “You wrote this book? I was so proud to say “yes, and you can write one as well”. They really made my day today!

I’ve also been informed that my 7 Habits of Happy Kids training has been switched, and that it will now be the Monday and Tuesday after Spring Break. Yikes! That means that I’ve got to get 2 days work of sub plans together, and it’s also the week we introduce consonant blends(oh boy). I have a feeling that when I get back into my classroom Wednesday it will be buckets of fun, hehe!

Talk to you later!

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