Almost There Wednesday!

Three days down, two more to go until Spring Break! I came into the classroom this morning, and they had took the big ole brown air conditioner out (which was louder than a freight train) and put a nice, new one in with a remote. It is digital, and I can turn it all the way up to 80 degrees, which will be great for when it is cold again! Today was a scorcher, at 80+ degrees today! Whew!

We have been working on the numbers 16-20 this week (when I’m not testing) and some of my children have had a hard time with doing the tally marks of higher numbers. I found a cute anchor chart on Pinterest, and decided to do it with my class. It seemed to help a lot!

As they were working at their desks, I could hear them just singing the chant in their heads! Anything that helps! We were unable to do a St. Patrick’s Day activity, because of their behavior, but they’re working hard at earning it back! We’ll see!
I FINALLY received my wireless headphones in the mail, along with a few games for the Promethean Board. I’ve always used the board as part of a center, but it normally has something to read, such as roll and read, and I have pointers and huge dice for them to use. I’ve never allowed them to use websites such as Starfall, or Education City, because the volume can’t be too loud, and it’s boring without it. I got the headphones and the games from Lakeshore Learning

This is an example of one of the games, where students match rhyming sounds. I’ve already had their beginning sounds app, for students to use on the iPod’s, so they already knew how to use it, and they really had a blast!  

This pic shows a few girls playing the beginning sounds app on the iPad.

This kept them actively engaged, and I didn’t have to worry about them acting up because they were bored. I bought several other games, including a set that is focused on phonemic awareness, because I still have some who struggle with this daily! This is a screen shot below of one of the games.

We had to have a serious talk about cutting the headphones off when it is time to clean up centers, and being careful with them, handling them the same, careful way that we do the iPod’s.

I’m so amazed at how much my sweet kinders have grown, and I’m almost, almost sad that it is the end of the school year! Ah, I think I get like this every year!

Talk to you later!

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