One day at a time….

     Today was a tough day, we still weren’t allowed into the school. The Governor of the state came and spoke at our school, and somehow I got caught up in a hug with him even though I was trying to stay in the background. I think it was my school shirt, lol. Some parts of the building are still unstable, and those teachers will never be allowed to go to their rooms. That is so heartbreaking! Here is a picture of our gym, flooded with water. 

     It’s so surreal to see, I just can’t even imagine that this happened to our school.  Here is a kindergarten class that was totally destroyed.

  One of my parents told me her child was extremely adamant about completing his 100th day project, which would have been today. I thought that was so great, because I know how they were looking forward to it. I know that I am sad, but I am fortunate, more than other teachers. I still have a room that is intact with all of my things. To be told that I cannot ever see my classroom again, that would haunt me for days. We spend so much time in our classroom, it is our second home.The last picture is an aerial view of our school, but it does not extend down to my wing. 

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