Remember my school in your prayers……

Today, after the storms and tornados, I received the bad news that my school had been hit really bad. The entire second grade is gone, the 1st floor has caved into the 2nd floor, the original Kindergarten hall is destroyed, classrooms are empty, like nothing was ever there. The other Kindergarten classrooms and 1st grade hall are ok, except for my classroom, where the windows just opened up and my classroom is sitting intact, but anything and anyone can hop through the window. Take a look at the pictures below.

This is my open window, I had all of my intervention materials in the window right by my intervention table. Not to mention all of my books that I’d brought from my old 1st grade classroom, to my new classroom in Kindergarten, and the new books I’ve bought this school year!

This is my classroom. Friday before I left I had set out their intervention work, I was 100% ready for today!  Oh, I hope they let me in soon, so that I can get what I can get before the elements and weather and animals get to it! We will be out for at least this week, and they are trying to figure out where will go, because we are grades K-2, with over 30 something teachers alone, and over 600 students. I have never been so sad in my life, this is where my teaching career began, it is my second home, this is where I have honed my teaching craft, and learned, and researched, and taught with everything that I have. Sometimes I’ve spent more time here than at my own house! I know that as teachers we are more than just a faculty, our bond is stronger than a building. We will rise again!!
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