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Your students will have a blast as they learn the letters of the alphabet and their corresponding sounds with these alphabet practice pages!

This alphabet practice resource is great for recognizing, naming, & writing capital and lowercase letters. It also provides practice with the initial sounds of letters. These pages are perfect for introducing each letter, morning work, early finisher work, or extra practice at home.

What do I get today?

This pack of alphabet practice pages contains 4 practice pages for the 26 letters of the alphabet. The set of 4 pages is the same for each letter so that your students will know exactly what to do! This is perfect for letter introduction at the beginning of the year, or throughout the year as each letter is reviewed for phonics.

What will the students do?

Your students will practice identifying and writing capital and lowercase letters, as well as identifying pictures that begin with the corresponding sound ( with the exception of the letter x, which they will be looking for at the end of the word). They will also get a little bit of fine motor practice as they cut and paste the correct answers on the last page for each letter.

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