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Sound walls with mouth pictures are an important part of the science of reading. They help students to understand how speech maps to print using consonant and vowel phonemes, and how the two work together to create meaning.

By providing a visual representation of the relationship between speech and print, sound walls help students to see the connections between the two.

How Can I Use This?

Sound walls are just one tool that can help us to improve the reading skills of the students we serve. With this visual representation of the sounds that make up words, sound walls can help them to better understand how spoken language maps onto written language.

What Do I Get Today?

Getting Started Guide

-What is a sound wall?

-How can I use a sound wall?

-How is a sound wall aligned with the science of reading?

-What is the consonant chart?

-What is a vowel valley?

-Creating the sound wall

Vowel Valley

-Vowel phonemes with mouth pictures, labels, and locks

The Consonant Chart

-Consonant phonemes with mouth pictures, labels, and locks

Phoneme-Grapheme Mini Cards

-Vowel phonemes with mouth pictures, labels, and locks

Mini Sound Walls - Portable Vowel Valley and Consonant Chart

Place & Manner of Articulation Cheat Sheet

Place & Manner of Articulation Teaching Slides (can project to class)

Phoneme-Grapheme Connection Practice Pages

Sound walls are a great way to teach children how sounds can be organized and connected with print.

With this visual representation, students will learn about phonemes as well as the symbols that represent these vocal patterns in order for them to build their own mental framework for understanding language structure!

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