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Make word mapping fun and engaging with this set of short vowel word mapping mats! This resource includes 25 CVC word mapping mats where your students will say it, tap it, map it, and then graph the word.

Research shows that interactive activities enhance learning. With our Short Vowel Word Mapping Mats, your students will have a blast building vital reading foundations. This will most certainly help your students to grow in their orthographic mapping skills.

What Will I Get Today?

  • 25 interactive CVC word mapping mats
  • Keyword list for included CVC pictures

Your students will have fun with this interactive resource. Students will roll the die, find the matching number, and explore a world of CVC words. Each mat features vibrant pictures of familiar objects.

Students say the picture out loud and then connect the dots between spoken and written language by tapping & mapping out the sounds and then graphing the letters that match those sounds.

Why Choose Short Vowel Word Mapping Mats:

Our activity set is more than just a teaching resource; it's a gateway to confident reading. By connecting sounds to letters through play, students develop strong orthographic mapping skills—the bridge to reading success.


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