Talking Writing Drawing Chapter 3

Hey guys, how’s it going?
I had so much going on last week, 
and I didn’t have a chance to post on chapter 2.
But I’m ready to go with chapter 3!!!
Chapter 3 is all about drawing.

I know, I know exactly what you’re thinking!!

This is supposed to be about writing!!!

Remember, the book is titled Talking, Drawing, & Writing.

I think that sometimes we get so focused on the writing part,

that we totally forget about everything else.

A lot of times, especially as children enter Kindergarten, drawing is the only thing

that they can do, the only way that they can express themselves.

I’m reminded of a time that I sat in with the my student’s during an extra art class.

Our art teacher, by the way, is totally awesome!!

During that 30 minute period, every child was an artist,

simply because of the way that she teaches.

It’s important that my students feel the same way about writing,

that they are all writers.

To begin this way of thinking, it is important that we not only support

our students as writers, but in drawing as well.

I just feel that sometimes writing isn’t a priority in Kindergarten,

and we don’t have enough time to truly devote to it!

It makes me so upset because I know how important it is,

especially as they go on to 1st and 2nd grades.

What are your thoughts?

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