Styling and Filing

Hey guys, how’s it going?
Exactly 3 weeks from today, I will be back in school,
I just can’t believe it!!!
I’ve been working from home (as we all do),
and I’ve been working on my reading files.
Well, we are getting a new reading series this year, Wonders by McGraw-Hill.
When we had our former reading series, Reading Street by Scott Foresman,
this is how I had my files, in 1st grade and Kindergarten. 
I know, I know, beautiful, right? 
Haha, not!!!
Well, as I was cleaning out files, I decided that I did not want to go
that route again.
So, I came up with something else instead. 
I decided that instead of doing Unit 1 Week 1, etc., 
I would file by skill instead, because reading series come and go,
but the skill will always be the same.
So I got some bright colorful folders from Wal-Mart,
(I love colors!!).
I made some labels, and voila!!

I think it’ll be so much easier this way, and since I’m bad about filing in a timely manner, 
I don’t have to remember which week each skill belongs to!!
My goal is to expand this plan to everything,
to be more skill-based, rather than whatever the particular curriculum is at the time. 
Also, I finally updated my Community Helper unit that I created last year,
I was actually kind of embarrassed at some of it!!
Talk to you later!!!
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