Where did the weekend go?

My goodness, I was just so happy that it was Friday, and weekend just flew by! Well, that’s how it goes I guess. I’ve been gathering all of my St. Patty’s Day items and activities together, and I’m so excited. Not to mention getting ready for the walk-through on Tuesday (ugh!). Well, I realized that I wanted to teach my kiddos about some of the most popular symbols of St. Patrick’s Day, so I created a little something to help me with that. I’ve posted it in my TPT store as a freebie, so click on the picture to get your copy!


I also finally finished my easter-themed Spring packet, Blooming in Spring! I have some kiddos that still struggle with phonemic awareness, and are just now hearing the initial sounds in words! So, I created a initial sound sort for them, and for some of my highers kiddos I did an initial and final sound activity, where they have to put the correct letters at the beginning or the end. It also comes with a recording sheet and much more! Check it out!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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