Back to School Kindergarten Assessment

Hey guys, how’s it going?
It’s about that time again, yes, school time, 
and I’ve been working on some things. 
As I’ve stated before, we have a new reading series, Wonders, 
and for once there isn’t a baseline test. 
They have something called StartSmart, and it lasts for 3 weeks.
Anywho, whether we have a baseline test or not, I like to give
my kiddos a pre-test, just for myself. 
I’ve used other versions out there, but I feel like some of them just have too much stuff!!!
Soooo……I created a simple one with just the basics, like letter recognition, name writing, 
recognizing basic shapes, colors, and numbers 1-10.

And here are the student copies to use during testing.

I have also included a version that does not include the letter sounds. 
Click here for your copy!!!!
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