Friday and a freebie!!

Hey guys! I have totally enjoyed being off today, and I have been so busy!! Of course I couldn’t sleep late, you know that internal clock thing.  I’m so excited to start my Oceans unit next week, and I know that my kids will be excited as well. Apparently I still had school on the brain, and I thought about my kiddos who are still struggling, and even though I recommended retention, they’re going on to 1st grade anyway. It just breaks my heart because I know what is coming, even if the parents do not. I have a few that are working on letter sounds, so I created this for them to take home over the summer. I’ve had a few, but I think they were ones that teachers had hand drawn, and I kept losing them, or I had bad copies. Anywho, it is an ABC Phonics Chart, I hope you like it!

Talk to you later!

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